Snactivism™ is our mission: to snack + act.

We founded Snact to stand for what we believe in, do something positive about it, and encourage others to do the same - to create a movement.

The uncomfortable truth is that Britain has never wasted so much food. In less than an average lifetime, we’ve gone from rationing to throwing out a third of all the food we grow. The latest figures conservatively estimate that every year, the UK bins £12.5 billion worth of food – much of which could be eaten.

That’s the most shocking thing about surplus - it is perfectly good produce that is rejected for superficial imperfections: the shape or size that doesn’t fit strict guidelines, an unusual or ugly appearance, or just because it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Throwing it out has nothing to do with its nutritional quality, health benefits, or food safety.

But besides campaigning supermarkets to change their wasteful ways, is there anything we as individuals can do about that? Yes - we can start valuing food more. This is what we’re doing with Snact. By using surplus, we create value out of food that should not be wasted. And we put value back into the food chain too - by paying British farmers fairly for the food they’ve grown.

These little things come together to make massive impacts. An average piece of fruit jerky is roughly the size of a pound coin or a strip of stamps. In 2016, Snact has sold products made from 50 tonnes of saved UK produce – that’s equivalent to 5.5 double decker buses. In 2017, we have already doubled our impact, acquiring 100 tonnes of surplus apples from Kent which will be made into snacks, and we're expecting to save even more fruit later in the year. By 2020, we hope to have saved 4,320 tonnes of food - that’s more than 475 double decker buses!

And we’re not the only brand that’s transforming unvalued food into positive products that we can all benefit from: there’s also Rubies in the Rubble, Toast Ale, Chic P, Rejuce, and a whole array of other companies that tap into this underused resource. By putting your purchasing power behind these initiatives, you are sending a clear message to companies who have yet to change their provenance strategies, and actively reducing the amount of food going to waste.

Ways to become a Snactivist™ - today!

1. Eat some fruit jerky. It’s really that simple! You snack, you act. Check out other brands that use surplus in delicious ways.

2. Give ugly fruit and veg some love. They’re more and more available - and often cheaper too. Send us photos of your best finds!

3. Do cool stuff with your leftovers. Have you tried baking banana peels yet?

4. Tell your friends. Seriously, that’s how you change the world!